• RGC-720 Cup Making Machine
  • RGC-720A Cup Making Machine
  • RGC-750 Cup Making Machine
  • WLJP-1000-105 Flow Sheet Extruding Machine
  • WLJP-900-105 Flow Sheet Extruding Machine
  • JP-900-135 Sheet Extruding Machine
  • JP-900-120 Sheet Extruding Machine
  • JP-850-110 Extruding Machine
  • JP-850-105,75,50 Five Layer Co-extruding Machine
  • JP-850-105,75 Double Layer Sheet Extruder
China International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition
ChinaInternationalPlasticandRubberIndustryExhibition2019 ExhibitionLocation:Pavilion2.2C11 Time:2019/5/21-24 Address:PazhouChinaImportandExportCommodityFairandExhibitionHall,Guangzhou,China(No.382Yuan
The advantages of sheet machines bring considerable benefits to plastic machinery
As a representative of plastic machinery, sheet machine has contributed more and more to the development of plastic machinery industry. Plastic machinery such as sheet machine is.
Introduction to several technical requirements of the sheet machine
We know that a sheet machine is a machine that processes, heats, extrudes, and plasticizes plastic materials such as PE, PET, PVC, or starch-based materials...

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